Highly intensive UV hand lamp for surface disinfection.

The effectiveness of our UV lamps in inactivating the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with a disinfection rate of 99,99% (log4) within seconds is proved by an accredited S3 laboratory!
Powerful UVC hand lamp for a manual disinfection of contact surfaces and product surfaces.
  • Very high inactivation-rates of germs, viruses and fungi, even at very short irradiation times
  • Compact hand unit for mobile and stationary applications
  • A homogeneous intensity distribution guarantees highest possible disinfection capacity
  • Powerful UVC low pressure lamps from our own production
  • Stable lamp housing
Hard shell case with matched foam insert
Protective clothing, gloves and face shield
Schutzmaßnahmen für Ihre Sicherheit:
Safety Precautions!
STERILAMP 19 must only be operated according its intended use. Operators must wear protective clothing, including gloves and face shield!
STERILAMP 19 must never be used to irradiate skin, human beings or animals.
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