UVATEC for Surface Disinfection

Compact UV system with CAD-optimized reflector geometry for surface disinfection of packaging materials.

  • Highest inactivation rates of micro-organisms even at irradiation times of below 0.5 s
  • Air-cooled and splashproof housing made of stainless steel in type of protection IP65, equipped with a quartz filter at the output aperture
  • Integrated shutter system with pneumatic drive for hiding the UV lamp during machine stops
  • High-performance UV lamps with low ozone output in arc lengths from 100 to 1750 mm, manufactured in our own lamp production company
  • Specific lamp output of up to 236 W/cm
  • Compact and slim design for adaptation to very different requirements
  • Power steps or continuously variable power control from 50 to 100 % as well as stand-by mode with 50 % output when the reflector is closed
  • Individual interface adaptation for the production machine
  • Switch cabinet in stainless steel



  • Lamp housing in type of protection IP67
  • Dichroic reflectors for temperature reduction
  • Water-cooled reflectors
  • Electric control with PLC