UVC disinfection of surfaces

In almost every company, the disinfection of surfaces of all kinds is a key aspect in ensuring compliance with hygiene standards. There are many areas of application, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industry. But sterility is also a safety criterion in many other industries. 

The disinfection of surfaces using UVC irradiation has proved a particularly effective method for the targeted inactivation of harmful micro-organisms and viruses. This process utilises a specific feature of UV light: The UVC radiation penetrates to the interior of the cell through the cell membrane and destroys its genetic information irretrievably. The micro-organism is inactivated and can no longer reproduce.

Hönle UVC disinfection units for the disinfection of surfaces

Exposure to UV light reliably kills bacteria, mould spores and viruses. Dr. Hönle AG offers various units for the disinfection of surfaces. They differ in their fields of application. Currently, you can choose between the following units for the UVC disinfection of surfaces:

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Quick and efficient disinfection of surfaces by using UVC technology

The disinfection of surfaces using UVC radiation is both, effective and environmentally friendly. The process uses no chemicals. Disinfection is achieved exclusively through the effect of UVC radiation.

Even short irradiation times are sufficient to reliably inactivate germs, ensuring that important workflows are not interrupted unnecessarily. It is important that the disinfection process for surfaces of all kinds does not take too much time but is nevertheless effective.

Disinfection of surfaces in occupied or unoccupied rooms

Our UVC units have proved their worth in all areas where surfaces need to be disinfected. Here, it is important to note a fundamental difference between the STERITOWER and the STERICUBE series. The STERITOWER units are suitable for rooms where surfaces and work surfaces need to be cleaned. Their use also achieves disinfection of the air. This makes them suitable for application in conference rooms, hotel rooms, spa areas or storage areas, but only when the rooms are unoccupied.

In contrast, objects whose surfaces need to be cleaned, such as glasses, books, mobile phones, keys, or other small objects in everyday use, can be sterilised by placing them in the STERICUBE chambers. With their compact design, they are particularly space-saving and can be integrated effortlessly into workflows. 

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We can also help you to establish or maintain the highest hygiene standards in other areas. For this purpose, our range includes UVC units suitable for the following functions:


Compact UVC disinfection tower for surfaces in rooms where no personnel are present.

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High-end UVC tower for the disinfection of surfaces in rooms where no personnel are present

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Compact UVC chamber for surface disinfection

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Powerful UV disinfection chamber for inactivating microorganisms on surfaces

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