Chemical-free air disinfection with UVC
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The Dr. Hönle AG is one of the leading suppliers of industrial UV technologies worldwide.

Together with our subsidiaries, we develop, produce and sell LED UV units and LED UV equipment, UV units, UV equipment, inert UV dryers, UV lamps and UV bulbs, IR lamps, UV measuring technology, reflectors, solar simulation systems and Electronic Power Supplies.

In addition, UV dryers for rotary printing (sheet-fed offset printing, web offset printing), UV systems for inkjet printing and flexo printing, infrared and hot air drying systems, powder-coating and powder extraction systems, UV medium-pressure bulbs and UV low-pressure lamps, UV lamps for air, water and surface disinfection, quartz glass and quartz glass components and industrial adhesives and potting & sealing compounds are developed, produced and sold within the Hönle Group.

Our products are used in a wide range of industrial applications: in printing (web or 3D printing), in coating and finishing (for example 3D coating), in bonding or casting, for surface disinfection or water disinfection, in solar simulation and photovoltaics or for fluorescence testing.

Our strength lies in our ability to customise products to suit the specific requirements of our customers. We are particularly proud of our highly integrated production.

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Double power and reliably safe

Due to new LED-heads bluepoint LED eco reaches more than double intensity and cures even parts which are difficult to reach – fast and comprehensively.
The LEDs are switched-off reliably according to current safety guidelines for fully automated manufacturing lines.

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UVC irradiation inactivates Covid-19 pathogen SARS-CoV-2

Hönle and the accredited S3 laboratory of Goethe University Frankfurt provide evidence for the disinfection effect of UVC irradiation on SARS-CoV-2 virus – by applying a UV discharge lamp or LED-UV.

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Trade fairs/ lectures

Automotive Testing Expo China 2021

13. - 15. December 2021

Shanghai, China
Hall / Booth 3035
Exhibitor: Dr. Hönle AG

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Customized manufacturing All from one source Made in Germany

Individual Manufacturing

Our unique competence is in the development and manufacture of individual products, in UV, LED-UV or IR technology.

We work closely together with OEMs and business partners from the chemistry industry producing printing inks, coatings, adhesives or sealants. We understand our customers’ requirements and the demands of the market. We recognize the signs of the time – and set technological trends. In our research and production labs we develop tomorrow’s curing and drying technology –as well as individually tailored UV solutions for our customers.

Everything from one source

We attach the highest importance to the quality of our products. And as it is essential that a high-tech curing system can only be as good as its key components – we simply manufacture them ourselves!

Within the Hönle Group we don’t only manufacture the high-tech electronic supplies for our curing and drying systems. Our subsidiaries also produce the heart of each device, the UV or IR lamp. Ultrapure quartz is the raw material for the purest quartz glass which is necessary to manufacture our high-quality lamps.

Also concerning LED technology, we want to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best curing unit possible. Therefor all LED devices are designed and assembled at our head quarters in state-of-the-art production plants which meet the latest lean manufacturing and quality standards.

Hönle UV drying systems are equipped with aluminum reflectors with specially developed geometries which differ according to the application they are designed for. Dichroic reflectors are used for temperature-sensitive substrates. At Hönle they are evaporation coated with up to 70 single layers and are able to absorb unwanted IR radiation and reflect UV radiation which is necessary for UV curing (Cold Mirror Technology).

Only the combination of all these individual high-quality components guarantees a reliable and efficient UV curing process.

Made in Germany

Hönle products are a result of German workmanship – from design engineering through to fabrication. We rely on highly qualified staff and on our own bespoke hardware and software to meet the highest quality standards. As a result of this we are able to supply our customers with high-end products.

In addition to this, we help to strengthen Germany as a manufacturing location. Hönle is a company with a comprehensive apprentice scheme, we work together with several universities and partners from the chemical industry all this to ensure that the name Hönle, and the term “Made in Germany”, continues to stand for distinguished technology and the highest possible quality.