UV Conveyor Belt ConVey LED

A flexible UV conveyor belt is an absolute must-have for developing varnishes, inks and adhesives, as well as for simulating manufacturing processes in the laboratory. In addition, it is essential for small production series.

ConVey LED is a table-top conveyor which can be equipped with several technologies: According to the application, different LED-UV devices can be easily integrated, for IC-units (Integrated Control) not even a separate controller is needed.

The conveyor is provided with an operating panel to adjust belt speed and power of the LED device via a potentiometer.

Optional LED-UV and UV Equipment

LED Powerline AC/IC HP
LED Spot 100 IC / HP IC
LED Powerline LC

Optionally, the conveyor can be equipped with gas discharge technology and it is also possible to combine different curing devices.


• Temperature and UV resistant teflon-coated glass fibre conveyor belt
• Process reliability due to digital display of current belt speed
• When conveyor belt is switched off: automatic safety shutdown of LED-UV lamp(s)
• Variable tunnel height (adjustable)
• Belt suction to prevent material from floating