UV technology plays an essential role in the field of quality assurance. Fluorescent particles in adhesives, greases or oils can be rendered visible with the help of narrowband UVA radiation. This is done using black light filters on conventional UV systems or, for high efficiency, with UV LEDs.

UV LED point light sources are used for spot checks on production lines, where, in combination with a camera module, they allow order control as part of the quality assurance process.

Large-area UV and UV LED systems are used, for example, for particle detection in cleanrooms and climatic chambers, for NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) processes to detect hairline cracks on engines or for leak testing on injection pumps in the automotive sector.

In addition, this narrowband black light spectrum is ideal for procedures to certify the authenticity of works of art or banknotes.

In the field of fluorescence, as in all other areas, the full range of Hönle UV technology products is available, from mobile hand-held lamps to high-intensity point light sources right through to fully automated large-area UV LED systems.

Panacol, a Hönle Group company, supplies UV adhesives, if required with fluorescent properties, which are precisely tailored to the Hönle systems.

Example applications:

  • Order control for fluorescent adhesives, greases and oils
  • Particle detection in cleanrooms
  • NDT, crack testing, for example on engines
  • Leak testing, for example on injection pumps in the automotive sector
  • Particle detection in climatic chambers in the automotive sector



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