High Speed Bonding for Industrial Applications

Dr. Hönle AG is one of the world´s leading suppliers of UV technology for industrial product assembly. Our innovative UV curing systems are used to produce electronic and micro-electronic assemblies, high precision mechanical instruments, and mission-critical optics. Dr. Hönle AG assists diverse markets including printing, automotive, aviation, medical, pharmaceutical, and photovoltaic industries.

Are you interested in adhesives optimized for your assembly application? Welcome to the Hönle Group!

The Hönle Group's specialist for adhesives, Panacol-Elosol GmbH, offers a wide variety of high technology adhesives, coatings, and potting materials for industrial applications. The range of adhesive products includes biocompatible and solvent-free adhesives designed for medical applications, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives for the electronics industry, adhesives for lens bonding and optical systems, and unique adhesives for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Panacol can provide a customised adhesive solution for every need. The product portfolio is comprised of 1- and 2-part epoxies, acrylates, cyanoacrylates, and methacrylates. Curing options include UV or visible light, thermal, or moisture. Perfectly matched UV and LED equipment manufactured by Dr. Hönle ensures rapid bonding with optimum quality.



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