LED Spot 40 IC

The LED Spot 40 IC was developed for all applications requiring a compact flood unit with high intensities. The LED assembly, as well as an electronic power control, guarantee a highly intensive and homogenous distribution of light.The recognition of LED-malfunction and a comprehensive monitoring function provide very high process stability.
So, especially in fully automated production lines, repeatable results can be realised even in the shortest cycle times.

The square light-emitting aperture has a size of about 40 mm x 40 mm at a base of only 55 mm x 50 mm. This compact design allows the integration of this small-sized LED flood unit in even the smallest spaces.


The LED Spot 40 IC is appropriate for various applications,
such as:

  • Bonding, fixing or encapsulating of components in the electronic, optical or medical-technical sector.
  • Fluorescence stimulation for materials testing; also suitable for automatic image processing.
  • High-intensive UV irradiation in the chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sector.