UVASPOT - Modular high intensity UV units

Versatile UV unit for larger areas. Suitable for curing UV reactive adhesives, compounds and coatings, as well as providing black light for fluorescent purposes.

  • 3 power steps available: 400 W, 1000 W and 2000 W
  • Modular concept for uniform irradiation of large areas using a combination of a large number of lamp modules
  • Different spectra achievable through various lamp and filter combinations
  • Lamp house cooling by fan or convection, with a separate ballast box
  • Where equipment is used to irradiate large areas, the ballast boxes can be integrated into one switch cabinet
  • A black light version is available for fluorescent applications (UVASPOT 400/T-BL)


  • curing of UV activated polyester resins and pottants (e. g. tanks, boxes, tubes, injection moulding and deep drawn components, repairs to metal and plastic components)
  • bonding of glass, plastics and metal with UV curing adhesives (e. g. electronic, fine mechanical and optical components)
  • curing of conformal coatings on printed circuit boards
  • examination for UV resistance of colours, plastics, lacquers and coatings
  • UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical research
  • fluorescent examination of materials