UVAHAND LED is a high-intensity hand-held LED-UV lamp. It is easy to transport, ergonomically designed and ideal for mobile use.

Its intensive irradiation ensures reliable production results within seconds. A homogeneous intensity distribution is guaranteed by the arrangements of the LEDs.

It is available with emitted wavelengths of 365 or 405 nm +/- 10 nm. This allows an adaption of the hand lamp to the respective application.

Fields of application

  • Curing of UV reactive adhesives when joining glass, plastics and metals
  • Curing of UV reactive compounds on electrical and electronic components
  • Production and repair of plastic parts with UV curing polyester resins
  • Particle control in clean rooms
  • Authenticity testing
  • Fluorescent testing for quality control purposes in plant engineering, in the aviation industry (certificated according to ASTM E3022 and other certifications on request), as well as in the textile and printing industry