IR lamps

We develop and produce IR lamps (infrared lamps) in different versions and wavelength ranges for industrial drying and heating processes. In addition to standard types, we also offer customised versions in various models (e.g. twin-tube lamp modules, single- or double-ended) and lamp lengths of up to 3,000 mm.

The following versions are possible:

  • NIR lamp (filament temperature: 3,000 K)
  • Short-wave infrared lamp (filament temperature: 2,300 K)
  • Medium-wave infrared lamp (filament temperature: 900 K)
  • Fast medium-wave infrared lamp (filament temperature: 1,600 K)

IR Lamps

ir lamp

IR lamps are used in sheet-fed offset printing presses, to dry inks in inkjet printing and to sinter strip conductors for printed electronics.

For the drying of water-based inks, coatings, adhesives and other functional coatings, IR lamps are used in combination with hot air. There are also IR systems for heat-reactive coatings, for example for the gelling and curing of powder coatings. Precise coordination of wavelength, output and configuration with the characteristics of the respective application produce excellent results in the drying and heating processes.

Other typical fields of application:

  • Drying of inks and coatings
  • Heating and coating of glass
  • Plastics processing
  • Photovoltaics
  • Treatment of textiles
  • Treating wood
  • Foodstuffs