Pulsed Light Xenon System, made by STERIXENE, with patented low-maintenance lamp system for surface disinfection of packaging materials in Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

  • Inactivation levels up to 6 log on most difficult microorganisms
  • High peak radiant power
  • Compact design for easy retrofit in existing machines
  • Mercury-free lamp technology
  • Water-cooled lamp and housing
  • Splash proof housing made of stainless steel to meet IP 65 standard
  • Dual lamp system operated by one power supply.
  • Instant ON / OFF without warming-up period
  • Low temperature on substrate


  • Integrated glass breakage monitoring
  • Long lifetime of more than 11 million pulses
  • Arc length of 150 mm to 400 mm
  • Stepless adjustable pulse energy
  • User friendly maintenance with patented system for quick lamp exchange
  • Lamp friendly simmer operation
  • Sensor-monitored intensity control