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LED-UV-systems | Dr. Hönle AG

LED-UV systems are used in various fields of applications and have already established themselves alongside conventional UV lamps. The Dr. Hönle AG offers a huge choice of LED-UV curing units including point sources, spot lamps, floods and lines in different lengths and irradiation widths. Our strength lies in finding and developing customized curing solutions.

Wavelengths from 365 nm – 460 nm

Our UV-LED units are available in the wavelengths 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm and 405 nm, depending on unit and application also 460 nm are possible. Choose between air-cooled or water-cooled versions, which can be used in the clean room.

Application fields LED-UV units

The UV-LED technology is applied for pinning and final curing inks, varnishes and silicones as well as for bonding, curing and fixing UV adhesives and casting compounds. UV-LED systems are also used for finishing or coating web-type materials or 3D objects. Our LED-UV units are used for pinning and curing on narrow web but also on large format printing machines (sheet-fed offset printing, inkjet printing, flexo printing). We will be glad to advise and support you on retro-fitting your existing plant.

LED Lighting systems

LED lighting systems for crash tests, airbag facilities or high-speed photography complement our comprehensive product range.

UV Measuring Devices for LEDs

As a manufacturer of LED-UV units we have also developed an UV measuring device with LED-UV sensors to monitor the UV intensity on the substrate. For more information: UV-Meter

Advantages of LED Technology

LEDs do not emit IR irradiation. Due to the low temperature impact on the substrate also temperature-sensitive materials can be irradiated. As LEDs do not need any heating or cooling periods, LED-UV modules can be switched on and off whenever needed and are immediately ready for operation. LEDs have got a typical lifetime of more than 20.000 hours.

Further Advantages of LED-UV Compared to Conventional UV Technology: 

  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Easy handling at clocked processes

For more information see our Overview Brochure.

Our LED-UV lamps are used in the following fields of application:


Graphic Arts Industry
Automotive Industry
Electronics Industry
Medical Engineering
Glass Industry
Optical Goods Industry
Chemical Industry
Consumer Products
Cosmetics Industry


Printing & Finishing
Sheet-fed Offset Printing
Digital Printing
Flexo Printing
Inkjet Printing
Web Printing
Screen Printing

Needle Bonding
Loud Speaker Bonding
Display Bonding
Plug Encapsulation, Pin Sealing
Active Alignment
Lens Bonding (Sun-) Spectacles Lens Dome Coating
Fluorescence Examination
Surface Finishing


Crash Tests
Airbag Test Facilities
High-speed Photography