UVACUBE 100 und 2000

Versatile curing chamber for curing of UV reactive coatings, adhesives and compounds as well as for UV irradiation for chemical and biological applications.

  • Ideal for laboratory use and manual manufacturing processes
  • Power output from 100 to 2000 Watt
  • Various lamp-/filter-combinations
  • Timer-controlled shutter (UVACUBE 2000)
  • Acoustic end signal (UVACUBE 2000)
  • Optimum exploitation of the irradiated area due to optimised reflector geometry
  • Optimum safety of operation through inter-locking shutters and chamber lid



  • Integrated elevating table



  • Curing of adhesives and plastics
  • Curing of inks, varnishes and coatings
  • UV irradiation for chemical and biological applications