UVC air disinfection

Our air disinfection units are available in various versions. We offer mobile UVC units for air disinfection, which can be quickly set up in occupied rooms as well as powerful UVC air disinfection units which are permanently installed and can also neutralise odours. They are all effective within seconds and guarantee the highest disinfection rates.

Important features

Our air disinfection units not only have very high inactivation rates for germs, bacteria, viruses and mould, but also work completely without the use of chemicals, as they use UVC radiation for disinfection. Moreover, all units can be installed in rooms with little effort. And the unassuming, modern design of our air disinfection units is also visually pleasing.


In addition to the typical applications in schools, retirement homes, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, airports, hotels, the catering trade and production areas, the air disinfection units can also be used in conference rooms, day care centres for children or sports facilities, here specifically in gymnasiums or changing rooms. Other very popular applications for the UVC lamps are canteen kitchens or wellness and spa areas.

Here you can find more information about different applications of UVC air disinfection.


Wherever people come together and a high degree of protection against viruses and general health protection is essential, our units are ideal for the inactivation of viruses in the air. The Hönle Service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have on air disinfection, the areas of application or the UVC units themselves.

These UVC disinfection modules might also interest you:

SteriWhite Air Q

Compact UVC disinfection system for rooms with constant occupancy

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ULE 2000

Powerful UVC unit for disinfecting ambient air by inactivating bacteria, viruses and mould spores in rooms

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ULE 1000

Compact UVC unit for ambient air disinfection by inactivating germs, viruses and mould spores in rooms.

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PF 512

The PF512 air disinfection unit offers effective disinfection of room air which is already subject to circulation.

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AR 300-1500

AR devices are used to sterilize room air and surfaces without requiring personnel to be present.

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KB 1-2

KB units are used to reliably sterilize air flow in smaller air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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TR 200-1800

The TR system is used to sterilize air flows in central air conditioning and ventilation systems, and to sterilize process water.

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KLR 2-4

The KLR Rack is used to sterilize the air flow in large or very large central air conditioning- and ventilation systems.

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VD 500-1800

Evaporator disinfection is used for the ongoing disinfection of evaporator fins.

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The coil disinfection unit is used for the permanent disinfection of heat exchanger fins/coils, and prevents biofilm buildup on the fins.

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KB 299

The KB299 offers high-quality finishing that provides efficient UV-C disinfection of air flows in central air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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KLM 2000

The KLM module was specifically developed for UV-C disinfection of the air flow in central air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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SLM 6/3

The SLM6/3 is used to sterilize the airless area of tanks or containers and to sterilize intake air.

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