Lighting for block/pole impact, sled, rollover crash tests

In the course of continuing improvement in vehicle safety, extensive crash tests are performed on both newly developed and series vehicles. These tests involve crashing fully equipped test vehicles and series vehicles.
The following crash types are simulated:

  • Head-on crash against the block
  • Pole impact crash
  • Lateral impact crash against the block
  • Vehicle-against-vehicle crash
  • Rollover crash

We use SFL lamps with HMI light fittings and LED lamps which generate flicker-free light.

Lighting for airbag test facilities

The airbag, a safety feature which supplements the seat belt, is subjected to extensive testing both in the case of newly developed products and during series production. Driver, passenger and side airbags are tested.
In many cases, airbag test facilities also have a climatic chamber, as the triggering characteristics need to be tested and documented at all temperatures.
Depending on requirements, two cameras taking 4,000 images / sec. are mounted on the test rig.

As the equipment to be tested often arrives at the test rig at below-zero temperatures and indeed needs to be tested at these temperatures, it is necessary to prevent it heating up under the lamps. To do this, we supply shutters which are only opened shortly before the "shot."

These tests are carried out with an average illuminance of approx. 60,000 to 80,000 lux. To do this, in the case of lamps equipped with HMI light fittings, we supply shutters which are only opened shortly before the "shot." Due to their very short run-up time, LED lamps do not require shutters.

Lighting for high-speed photography (impact tests, pedestrian protection, passenger protection)

The following are examples of testing procedures in which lighting systems for high-speed photography are used:

Impact tests: There are numerous applications for which long-term durability is an important parameter. Simulating changing loads with the help of a testing device can provide important insights into the effectiveness of a composite material.
These tests are carried out and documented for all occurring temperatures. Depending on requirements, one or two cameras are mounted on the test rig. The number of lamps depends on the size of the object being tested and the testing equipment used.

Pedestrian protection: Pedestrian protection tests evaluate the risk of injury to pedestrians presented above all by the front of the vehicle. The main objective is to prevent or minimise injuries to pedestrians caused by collision with a vehicle by making changes to the design of the front of the vehicle.

Passenger protection: These tests are used to assess the level of protection afforded to the driver and passengers of a vehicle during a head-on and lateral collision.

These tests are carried out with an average illuminance of approx. 40,000 to 80,000 lux.

Lighting for film & TV, fairs and industry

In the sectors film & TV, trade fairs and industry, it is increasingly important to create lasting impressions through harmonious coordination of light and colour. This also includes skilful use of different light colours and of hard and soft light.
Our lamps are suitable for universal use, sturdy, efficient and, last but not least, have an aesthetically pleasing design.
An extremely high light yield both in daylight and under artificial lighting and the use of various diffusers guarantee perfect lighting effects. We design and manufacture lamps and complete lighting systems for film, TV, events and trade fairs, research and architectural use.
The realisation of unusual projects using cutting-edge technology is our strength. Our products are manufactured and tested on our premises. This gives us high flexibility and ensures that we can maintain our exacting quality standard.
We cooperate with many well-known companies in industry, and our products can be seen at almost every international car show.