LED Lamps

The new, high-power LED lamp system is designed for use in high-speed photography and is used in crash tests in the automotive industry, among other applications.

  • Maximum of four aluminium profiles, fitted with high-performance LEDs and with integrated cooling system, mounted in the lamp housing
  • Operated with separate power supply modules
  • Control input for lamp On/Off and booster mode with automatic timer
  • 5 different lenses with varying half-value angles ensure high flexibility
  • Operation with reduced output for lighting the system, boosted to 1,500 W per row for 15 seconds shortly before the photograph is taken.



  • Outputs 750W, 1,500W, 2,250W, 3,000W, 4,500W, 6,000W
  • Full light output available within fractions of a second


Areas of application:

  • Sled, rollover and crash block tests
  • Airbag testing
  • Pedestrian protection, passenger protection, impact tests