Solar Simulator - SOL light fixtures


SOL units are used worldwide in many industries for solar simulation and meet, for example, the requirements for stationary solar simulators in accordance with IEC 60904-9.

In biotechnology, the Colipa standard and the OECD 432 in vitro 3T3 NRU phototoxicity test explicitly prescribe the use of Hönle SOL units.

  • Available in 3 power classifications: SOL 500, SOL 1200, SOL 2000
  • Can be integrated in climatic chambers
  • Radiation spectrum similar to that of natural sunlight
  • Radiant intensity depends on the distance
  • Ozone-free lamp bulb with long service life
  • Easy bulb change



  • SOL 1200 and SOL 2000 to be operated with Electronic Power Supplies (EPS)