Solar simulation light fixtures (SFL)

  • SFL light fixtures, also SFL floods, equipped with discharge lamps
  • Emit a spectrum similar to that of natural sunlight
  • All components of the lamp housing are wear-free
  • Design ideal for use in climatic chambers and wind tunnels
  • The design of the lamp housing ensures effective dissipation of the generated heat. This makes forced cooling, for example by means of cooling fans, unnecessary.



  • Outputs 2000 W / 2500 W / 4000 W
  • Special designs, for example lamps with cooling system, are available


The areas of application include:

Solar simulation systems for material, ageing and emissions testing (cold start chambers), solar simulation systems in accordance with DIN 75220 (Ageing Automobile Components) and MILSTD 810 (Environmental Tests on Military Field), SFTP and artificial ageing chambers